COVID Services

Live Suite Media is proud to be a government supplier of video production and streaming services during this challenging time.

We are therefore offering a heavily reduced rate on the following customised services until the epidemic is over:

Zoom / Online Conferences

From our Watford Studio we will receive however many Zoom meeting you want all mixed together with professional graphics and overlays and output to a platform of your choice. This package also works with other platforms such as Teams, however please contact us for guaranteed compatibility.

Starting at £200 an hour, rate reduces with more hours

Contact us for extended length livestreams such as 24 hour+ conferences as we may be able to offer further reductions.

Remote Editing / Filming Packages

Whether it’s content for an online learning platform or a brief for your employees, we can send you an easy to use camera and edit all the footage for you when we receive it back!

Starting at £300 per clip

Contact us for extended length content such as lectures, training or teaching material as we may be able to offer further reductions.

 Video / Photo / Aerial

Many clients are taking the opportunity to record interviews and promotional material while buildings are empty or quieter than usual. Get in touch to find out how we can help!

Starting at £200

Both in-person livestreaming and video production services are still available. However, all in-person services will be conducted using appropriate PPE equipment, minimally invasive equipment capable of capturing content from a distance and a maximum crew size of 2.

You can find us on the government’s Coronavirus COVID-19 Supplier Catalogue using our ID: 20200502-122637-21B176 or contact us using the details available on our Contact page.